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 Random skype convo with a loser

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PostSubject: Random skype convo with a loser   Thu Nov 06, 2008 12:22 pm

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[05/11/2008 11:59:22 PM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: ?????????????????
[05/11/2008 11:59:28 PM] Brianwwecw says: tyler your buddy
[05/11/2008 11:59:36 PM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: i know what did he say??
[12:00:02 AM] Brianwwecw says: said as far as girls go you were an ass bout something that had to do with a girl to him
[12:01:00 AM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure nice lies =D
[12:01:40 AM] Brianwwecw says: im tired of it tired of you chosing other ppls sides whenever someone trying to "own" me on skyp im tired of it man you dont stick up for me whenever a couple times ive had your back
[12:02:05 AM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: brian
[12:02:09 AM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: u never had my back
[12:02:20 AM] Brianwwecw says: yes i have
[12:02:29 AM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: ur not someone i know in real life so how have u??
[12:02:40 AM] Brianwwecw says: well as far as online yes
[12:02:58 AM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: like??
[12:03:32 AM] Brianwwecw says: Hmm i remember a couple times b4 i got skype in the ppv streams people getting on you and me taking up for you
[12:04:28 AM] Brianwwecw says: but you have never once said to anyone on here back off brian you have always agreed with them
[12:05:03 AM] Brianwwecw says: agree with miguel and elton and the other asses man
[12:05:23 AM] Brianwwecw says: its like 1 against 100 with you ppl
[12:05:48 AM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: um brian
[12:05:53 AM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: that never happend
[12:06:12 AM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: at the most it was on my spelling which i can defend myself
[12:07:21 AM] Brianwwecw says: i can remember ppl getting on your case about your mom a couple times
[12:07:31 AM] Brianwwecw says: back b4 i realy knew the hole story
[12:07:43 AM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: wtf ru talking about??
[12:09:10 AM] Brianwwecw says: Nascar racing!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways man im off that bagtagmike fellas one pedofile guy who likes young woman online tisk tisk man
[12:09:21 AM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: dude
[12:09:31 AM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: ur best freind is 14 year old named ryan
[12:09:36 AM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: your the ped............
[12:09:47 AM] Brianwwecw says: hes not my best friend man fuck
[12:09:54 AM] Brianwwecw says: hes an online person
[12:09:55 AM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: well
[12:10:06 AM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: u bring him up all the time 4 no reason
[12:10:09 AM] Brianwwecw says: your an online person who could be 50 for all i know
[12:10:25 AM] Brianwwecw says: NASCAR MAN VROOM VROOM CYA!!!!!!!!!!
[12:10:30 AM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: bye
[12:10:31 AM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: ps
[12:10:42 AM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: get a real girl Smile
[12:10:42 AM] Brianwwecw says: what?
[12:11:10 AM] Brianwwecw says: ps man i got a real girl 8-)
[12:11:44 AM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: candice porn and ur hand dont count........
[12:12:35 AM] Brianwwecw says: yeah right man lmao dude keep thinking that and while im in bed with someone ill be thinking why that ecwpower guy doesent know bout nothing
[12:12:50 AM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: wow
[12:12:56 AM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: thinking of me during sex??
[12:13:10 AM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: pedofile
[12:13:42 AM] Brianwwecw says: wow mike a 28 year old guy having relations with a 13 year old lauren
[12:14:20 AM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: he aint having raltions u idoit and ru gay ur bringing him up 4 no reason
[12:14:36 AM] Brianwwecw says: just comparing him to the convo
[12:14:52 AM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: btw thought u had to go ?
[12:14:55 AM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: ohwell
[12:15:07 AM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: u where probly just gonna masterbate
[12:16:17 AM] Brianwwecw says: nah im going now though dude
[12:16:41 AM] PRETZEL MOUTH #2 says: going to masterbate i c god ur sad

LOL he takes the web so seriously flower afro flower
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PostSubject: Re: Random skype convo with a loser   Mon Feb 09, 2009 11:34 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Random skype convo with a loser   Mon Feb 09, 2009 11:46 pm

that was random...... next time keep that to urself.... lol
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PostSubject: Re: Random skype convo with a loser   

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Random skype convo with a loser
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