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 EWR - Frequently Asked Questions

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PostSubject: EWR - Frequently Asked Questions   Fri Jan 16, 2009 9:58 am

I'd thought I'd make this as a lot of people always ask questions about EWR, so I thought I'd put them, & their answers, all into one thread. If there is anything else you'd like to ask, please feel free to do so.

Q: What is this game all about anyway ?
A: It's a wrestling promotion simulator.

You're basically in charge of everything. Booking, hiring/firing, feuds, getting TV deals, sponsors, etc.

On the days of your shows, you book your shows. You don't actually play them, or see them wrestling as the game is entirely text based.

You basically try to get your promotion to become popular and beat all the competition.

Q: Where can I download EWR?
A: EWR, & other downloads (such as utilities, updates, etc) can be downloaded ]here.

Q: Does it cost money?
A: No, it's freeware.

Q: Does it requite an install?
A: No, & so can be transferred to other computers without any hassle.

Q: Is it only WWE?
A: No, you can take control of any existing company (indies included) or make your own.

Q: Can I watch/play the matches I book?
A: No, the game is all text.

Q: What is a scenario?
A: An update on all the stats, rosters, etc for the particular scenario you choose.

Q: How do I download scenarios?
A: Put the files in the DATA folder

Q: What year are the rosters set at after first downloading the game?
A: I don't know the exact month, but it is sometime in 2002 after the Brand Extension.

Q: What difficulty does the game start on?
A: "Medium" is the level of difficulty that the game starts on, though this can be increased once the game has started. However once it has, it can not be decreased.

Q: I accidentally went up a difficulty, how do I go back down?
A: Use the 'Arsenic Promotion Editor'.

Q: Can I change the date that the game starts on?
A: No & yes. Not in the game you can't as it uses your system clock to set the date in game. However there is a way around it - Change your system clock to whatever date you want your game to be set at, & change it back after you have started the game.

Q: What does the 'Arsenic Editor 4.5' do?
A: It enables you edit virtually any area of the game, over-riding any restrictions the game has put on you.

Q: What does the 'Arsenic Promotion Editor' do?
A: It enables you to edit your promotion in any way that you want.

Q: What does the 'Gimmick Gen' do?
A: It generates gimmicks that you can use for your wrestler.

Q: What does the 'Blaze Ultimate Utility' do?
A: It enables to create & keep track of a tournament, & also includes a gimmick generator, & random winners for certain matches. However this does not need the game to run, & can actually be used for any purpose in which you need a random winner.

Q: What is the 'Picture Site' for?
A: It is a website in which you can download pictures to use for wrestlers in the game, as not all the wrestlers have pictures &/or you may want a newer/older picture certain wrestlers in the game.

Q: How do I download the 'To The Edge 7 (August 2007)' update?
A: Right click > Save target as.

Q: How do I install the 'To The Edge 7 (August 2007)' update?
A: Extract the files into the Date folder. However every subsequent game will then include everything from that update. Should you want to go back to the original files, you will have to re-download the game or use back-ups of the files which you may have.

Q: How do I install the 'July 2008' update?
Quote :
1: Replace the DATA folder in your game with the one enclosed.
2: Put all of the pics in the "7-1 Pics" folder into your pics folder.
These are pics for workers or staff that did not have a pic in the
previous releases.
3: The "Updated Pics" folder is pics of workers that previously had a
pic on the game, but could be replaced with these new cuts, if you
so desire.
Taken from the ReadMe.txt included in the zip file.

Q: Where are my games saved?
A: They are saved within your EWR folder. It depends though on which save slot you choose, ie if you choose Save Slot 1, the game will save in s1 & if you save in Save Slot 2, the game will save in s2, etc.

Q: What's this TEW or Total Extreme Warfare I hear of?
A: TEW is the most recent game wrestling simulator game by Adam Ryland, as after EWR he decide that it was too much work for a freeware game so he joined up with GreyDog Software & now no longer works on EWR. This game is a lot more advanced & includes a lot more options & available things to do, but it also does not include any real companies (as now that it's not freeware they could be sued for including them) straight after downloading it, for them you'd have to download an update. Also, although EWR is free, TEW07 (there may well be a newer release out, I don't know) costs $34.95.

Q: Can I torrent, or otherwise illegally download, TEW?
A: No, it is impossible. You will probably be able to find torrents saying that they are the full version, but they will in fact only be the demo version as the full version requires online license registration.

Q: I have never played EWR before, what is needed to start a new game?
A: First & foremost download 'EWR 4.0 Update 2' (which can be found in our Downloads thread). After that, you may want to download a scenario or update to change game to suit the scenario/update of your choice. I'd also download the Arsenic Editors as they come in handy when you want to do things but the game won't let you.

Q: What is an EWR Diary?
A: In it's simplest form it is thread in which you record your results for your game. However it does not have to be this basic, & we suggested/encourage you to add more detail into your diary (eg writing promos/news/matches, banners, VTs, etc).

If you were to look at my diary for example you would see that it goes through all of the stages of detail - to begin with I start off with an extremely basic diary, then I begin to add more & more detail until I get to an extreme amount which included everything suggested before & commentary for the shows (outside of matches), & then afterwards I tone it down quite a bit, but still give a lot of detail & include many of the suggestions provided above.

Here is a more comprehensive FAQ I have found which includes help about every aspect of the game/in-game itself:
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EWR - Frequently Asked Questions
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